The Boundary Project

An Exploration into the Self and Conscious Boundaries

The Boundary Project is a deep dive exploration into the Self and healthy, conscious boundaries. This offering is an 8-week long digital group program that integrates personal development, value strengthening, purpose alignment and conscious boundary discovery, empowering you to live from a more rich and self attuned place.

This is not a course with scripted templates or guides on how to say no. This is a co-creative experience, inclusive of community and accountability, where you can begin to uncover your current relationship with boundaries while working to understand how and in what ways conscious boundaries can actively begin working for you in creating a healthy, happy and intentional life.

We learn about navigating life and relationships when we are young. We watch those around us, our parents, caretakers, our culture and society, in order to gain social and emotional information on how we should behave or function. This is based on what feels safest to us at the time.

What type of emotions were welcome in our home? Did we witness people respecting another person's emotional or physical space? Was co-dependency modeled? Did we see healthy conflict resolution? Did we feel that love was conditional? Did someone leave? Did we learn that love equates to self sacrifice? Was judgement present? Were we taught that disagreement is disrespectful? Or, that our worth was based on what we could contribute? The list goes on.

Whatever our experience, it can lead to deeply ingrained behavior and patterns that we carry with us into adulthood, preventing us from thriving in our lives.

It is our choice, our empowered option, to begin to see and accept ourselves where we are at. This program begins with the process of unraveling our belief system around boundaries, our worth and our values so we can begin to understand the Self more deeply. Through this work, and self acceptance, we can dive into our fears and our needs, providing a safe space to honor them so we can begin to live more clearly and with intention.

As we nurture this self acceptance, we will use it as a catalyst to begin conscious boundary work in our lives to support exactly who and how we want to be.

Life is a constant flow of being in relation to ALL things. So, the question becomes how do we want to show up? How do we want to welcome others? What do we want to allow in our lives? When can we give our best selves? And, how can we do all of this so that it feels real and good and true to us?

Boundary work is dynamic. It breathes. It expands and contracts. It lives in the space between us and another. It is deeply personal work. In connecting with our true selves, we are able to connect honestly with others. As Brene Brown says, 'Clarity is kind'.

Conscious boundaries are about saying yes, to all the things that matter most and all the ways that honor you.


Begins January 2020

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll

This program is designed for participants to have accessibility regardless of location, time zone or personal schedule. This is a digital online program with support, community, curriculum and instructor accessibility built in.

Each week, there will be two live video calls for participants led by Molly. If you are unable to join in real time, a recording will be made available within the program curriculum.

The video calls will consist of the following:

First: A Workshop video call to review and discuss the curriculum for the week.

Second: A Q & A video call dedicated to any questions you may additionally have regarding the work or any coaching needs regarding your personal experiences.

Within the program, you will receive a full 8 weeks of coaching support, have the ability to communicate with other participants, share your experiences and discoveries while working through the curriculum with direct guidance from Molly.

Once the program is complete, it will remain open and available to participants for continued curriculum accessibility and group member support.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this program start and finish?
The Boundary Project Winter Cohort will begin at the start of January 2020. It will be an 8-week long guided program. You will have access to the group and curriculum for as long as you like thereafter.
What do I need?
You will need a computer or mobile device, a notebook and the willingness to devote 2-4 hours of your time weekly to engage with the material and the group.
Will this program help me if I am already pretty darn good at boundaries?
The answer is yes! This group program will give you a chance to go deeper into your boundary work, as well as your self, while having partners in accountability.
What should I expect?
You will receive new curriculum released weekly, inclusive of boundary building activities and personal growth homework, 2 live video calls each week with Molly and your fellow group members, recordings of aforementioned video calls to watch or re-watch at your convenience, weekly accessibility to group coaching, built in accountability partners, a better understanding of the Self and a foundational conscious boundary practice.
Are refunds available?
This group program is non-refundable. Once your purchase is made and the program begins, no refunds will be provided. If you have an inquiry about your purchase prior to our official start date, please reach out.

Your Instructor

Molly Franken
Molly Franken
Hi there! I'm Molly. I am a writer, mentor and certified coach. I specialize in Recovering Human. Yep, that means recovering our deepest and most core human elements, the stuff that scares the heck out of us, makes us all exactly who we are and connects us to every other human and living thing on this planet. I also presently work with people in the areas of healthy boundaries and illness support.

I have previously worked in the tv & film industry, as well as the non-profit sector. It is on these paths that it became clear that story - the human story, the hero's journey, the universality of truth and connection are what I most wanted to explore in this lifetime. I have lived with a chronic illness for a decade, considering it my biggest challenge and my best teacher.

In my downtime, you can find me reveling in nature, reading a library's worth of books and deep diving into the discovery of all things human. I hope the intensive work and reflection I've done along the way will help guide you along yours.

You can learn more about me and what I do here: www.mollyfranken.com

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